The Kunst-Messe München is Germany’s oldest art and antiques fair and ist richest in tradition.  This year will see the 60th edition, and that is, if you y´consider how many other faire could not survive on the market, a real success story. The Kunstmesse Münchens has lived through a varied history, too, but it looks into the future with confidence. A fair will inevitably have to follow the movements of the international, which, in turn, will react to socio-economic developments. Bull and bear change places all the time not only at the stock exchange, but the market for art and antiques has shown great stability.
The Kunstmesse München plays an important role on the stage of the international fairs. Dealers from Europe and Germany exhibit there. They share an excellent reputation for their respectability and competence. It is a venerable Tradition of the Kunstmesse München to have all Objekts vetted by an independent Jury of experts, which Supports the collectors’ safety. The conceptual Sponsor of the fair is the „Kunsthändlerverband Deutschland e.V.“ (German Art Dealers’ Association, reg. assoc.), which also safeguards quality.

From Antiquity to Modernism

The fair’s offer is comprehensive and stretches from prehistoric artifacts via Egyptian and Classical Antiquity to Renaissance, Baroque, and the 19th Century to the Modern Classics and Post-War Modernism. The works also comprise practically all genres.  special emphasis is on the impressive richness of the  European Applied Arts.

The Kunstmesse München is a world-fair also geographically, as it is open for all countries of provenance, with special focus on Asia in the non-European sector. The quality spectrum is very narrow, only high quality works find their way to the fair. The Kunstmesse München has high standards but at the same time it shows, over and again that great art doesn’t necessarily has to be extremely expensive.

Conceptual Sponsorship

The two largest Art Dealers’ Associations of Germany have recently merged to form the Kunsthändlerverband Deutschland e.V. The trade in art and antiques in an open world is open to a world which is conscious of its own roots and its legacy. Local or global – the old frontiers have been repealed. At least for the lovers of the arts. One has to speak with a distinct voice in order to make sure that the art trade can maintain its profitability and also fulfill its cultural obligations. And this is true, for the benefit of the private and the institutional collector,  also in regard to politics.

Kunsthändlerverband Deutschland e.V.
Kunibertsklostergasse 1
50668 Köln
Tel. +49(0)2 21 - 25 62 94
Fax +49(0)2 21 - 91 39 59 28

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